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prefer what why your you favorite it? is and do os linux

What is your favorite Linux OS and why do you prefer it?
Mine is Linux Mint. I like it mostly for its ease-of-use, convenience, user-friendliness and elegance. It's also one of the most well-designed, graphically-speaking and interface-wise. Cinnamon and MATE are fantastic!

It's also a great beginner-friendly/entry level Linux OS.

Mint's logo/icon:

[Image: logo.png]

Side-notes: I got my start on Ubuntu though. Hardy Heron, I believe. Unfortunately, I am not a very big fan of Ubuntu anymore.

Shoutout to Fedora Linux and Zorin OS!

How about you guys and gals? Also, any suggestions on different Linux distros/flavors to try out? There's a lot of picks of at Distro Watch, but sometimes it's hard to tell what's worth checking out and what isn't.
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My favorite linux flavour is Debian. it is very easy to install it without graphics support (useful for cloud servers) easy to maintain and very stable.
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I am a long time arch linux user. Its rolling distribution is sooo nice i could never go back to something like debian, even though debian is very stable, I prefer arch's rolling repos. Also, their wiki is extremely helpful for linux info regardless of your distro. It's user repository is fantastic as well!
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I tend to use to i3 window manager because its clean, looks great, and is highly customizable. It's workspace windows also help me stay organized and it kind of makes up for the lack of monitors when im on a laptop haha.
Manjaro! It's Arch based, but you don't need to get your hands dirty to set it up like Arch, it's good to go right away.
Granted, Arch is exactly what many more seasoned users want, but Manjaro is probably close to on par with less demanding distros in ease of use, yet you can always customize it afterwards, it is Linux after all. Rolling release as well. There's more than one DE release available, but personally have gotten used to XFCE ("default" iirc).
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I started out with Manjaro! Definitely a great distro for anyone who wants an easy, functional install and loves arch's rolling repos! And much like any other distro its highly customizable! I definitely recommend Manjaro over ubuntu for anyone starting out with linux!
Honestly most linux distros feel...... free.  Not in a good way. Unpolished GUI's, mismatching themes, odd UI choices. 

Arch linux is the only distro to me that feels more like an adult/work based environment.
My favorite is Kali Linux for learning. 

Can be installed from the Store in windows 10. Link:
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I've been running Ubuntu since the beginning.

I used to tinker a lot with Gentoo and Arch, but I got tired of messing around and just want something that works.
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I like Linux Mint cinnamon. Because it is suitable for my hardware. Oh! it has similarities to Windows too.

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