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Leonflix 0.4.6 ( BETA )
Leonflix 0.4.6 ( BETA )

A multi-platform desktop app for finding movies and TV shows.

Leonflix is a modular search tool for content. It crawls video/file hosting websites and can find and return the videos hosted on those sites. You can find more than just movies. Find semester-length video lectures from MIT's OpenCourseWare, or the complete Khan Academy video lesson series on AP
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Reborn of Backtrack5 Kali Debian Based Linux OS for Info Sec/Forensic Pros
Latest 2019.3 Released on 2nd September 2019 .

Kali Linux 2019.3 Release
September 2, 2019
Kali Linux Releases
[align=justify]We are pleased to announce that our third release of 2019, Kali Linux 2019.3, is available immediately for download. This release brings our kernel up to version 5.2.9, and includes various new features across the board with NetHunter, ARM and packages (plus the normal bugs fixes and updates).[/
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Guide to Create Kali Linux 2019 Live USB with Persistence
1. Write Kali Linux ISO to USB
UPDATE FEB 2019: Tested and working in both Kali Linux 2019 and Kali Linux 2018. Let us know in the comments if you have any issues.
Firstly, download the latest version of Kali Linux 2019, (guide also works with Kali Linux 2018) which will have the latest security updates and tools. In this guide we are using the Kali Linux 2019 64 Bit image, though it should work fine with the 32 Bit and Light images as well.
Write the ISO to your USB drive using a tool
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What is your favorite Linux OS and why do you prefer it?
Mine is Linux Mint. I like it mostly for its ease-of-use, convenience, user-friendliness and elegance. It's also one of the most well-designed, graphically-speaking and interface-wise. Cinnamon and MATE are fantastic!

It's also a great beginner-friendly/entry level Linux OS.

Mint's logo/icon:

[Image: https://linuxmint.com/img/logo.png]

Side-notes: I got my start on Ubuntu though. Hardy Heron, I believe. Unfortunately, I am not a very big fan of Ubuntu anymore.

Shoutout to Fedora
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MediCat USB - A Multiboot Linux USB for PC Repair
 Project is still active.
 This project is absolutely free to use; I do not charge anything for MediCat USB.
 The full MediCat USB aims to replace Hiren's Boot CD/DVD, for bleeding edge computers.
 Derivative projects are allowed and encouraged.
 MediCat USB is clean of viruses, malware, or any kind of malicious code.
 Modify MediCat's ISOs and menu
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Linux Fixes For Bleeding Tooth" Bluetooth Vulnerability Are Available
BleedingTooth is a remote code execution vulnerability affecting all Linux kernels going back to Linux 4.8. It allows an attacker within Bluetooth range to execute code on remote systems if Bluetooth is turned on the remote system and it's set to be discoverable thanks to a combination of security issues in the BlueZ library and heap-based type confusion on the Linux kernels L2CAP code.

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/azkWDKO.jpg]
[i]The BleedingTooth Bluetooth vulnerability in action.[
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Linux For Dummies, 10th Edition
[align=left]Nine previous editions of this popular benchmark guide can’t be wrong! Whether you’re new to Linux and need a step-by-step guide or are a pro who wants to catch up with recent distributions, Linux For Dummies, 10th Edition has your back. Covering everything from installation to automation, this updated edition focuses on openSUSE and Ubuntu and includes new and refreshed material―as well as c
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University of Minnesota has been banned from contributing to the Linux kernel
The University of Minnesota has been banned from contributing to the Linux kernel by one of its maintainers after researchers from the school apparently knowingly submitted code with security flaws.

Earlier this year, two researchers from the university released a paper detailing how they had submitted known security vulnerabilities to the Linux kernel in order to show how potentially malicious code could get through the approval process. Now, after another student from the university submitt
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O'reilly - 57 Bookshelf (Java,perl,tcpip,unix,java Enterprise,linux,oracle,www)
O'Reilly Bookshelf. 57 Books. Includes Java, Perl, TCP/IP, Unix, Linux, Oracle PL/SQL, and WWW books.

[Image: https://i.postimg.cc/L8NHbBGG/Capture.png]



Note that this is a CHM (Windows Help) file, but it will not work with the Windows 10 Help file viewer. I recommend using the free Sumatra PDF reader:

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Best images based on Linux for Docker - Share your opinion
Hy guys, 
I love docker and have a bunch of dockers images on my server. Today i'm gonna show you a few : 

[font="Open Sans", sans-serif]linuxserver/nextcloud[/font]
[font="Open Sans", sans-serif][color=#0f6c9e]Nextcloud gives you access to all your files wherever you are.[/font][/colo