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Trend Micro 15 beta version 15.0.1057 is available for testing now
Trend Micro 15 beta version 15.0.1057 is available for testing now 

Home page: 


Maximum Security 15

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World’s Most Valuable AI Startup is Part of “World’s Biggest System of Surveillance"
Bloomberg News
April 8, 2018, 7:00 PM MDT
  • [color=#3c3c3c][font=BWHaasText-55Roman, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]It becomes the world’s richest-valued private
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Fetch is building robots for the warehouses of the future
[Video: ]
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Pilot of Southwest Flight 1380 Is Navy Veteran Hailed for Her ‘Nerves of Steel’
APRIL 18, 2018

[color=#000000][size=xx-small][size=medium][font=georgia,]About 20 minutes after takeoff on Tuesday, Capt. Tammie Jo Shults was steering a Southwest Airl
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Your Twitter Feed Is About to Get a Lot More Newsy
Your Twitter Feed Is About to Get a Lot More Newsy

The goal is to help users quickly discover breaking news and events they care about. The changes will be arriving over the coming weeks and months on both iOS and Android.

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The Digest: A Marijuana-Derived Medication Is Now Approved For Sale in the U.S.
by Kristin Houser June 25, 2018 Health & Medicine

A BREAKTHROUGH DECISION. For the first time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a medication derived from
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Starbucks Is Replacing Plastic Straws With “Sippy Cups” for Adults
by Kristin Houser 
July 9, 2018

[color=#111111][size=x-small][font=Merriweather, Georgia,][color=#444444][size=medium][font=Merriweather, Georgia,]STRAWLESS STARBUCKS. If you love plastic straws, you will soon have to get them somewhere other than Starb
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Is Microsoft already killing off Windows 7?
Is Microsoft already killing off Windows 7?

It sure looks like it’s regretting promising 18 more months of support for Windows 10’s biggest competitor.

[Image: https://images.idgesg.net/images/article...-large.jpg]

[size=medium]Believe it or not, gray-with-age Windows 7 gained market share in March and April 2018. Even now, Windows 10, which arrived not quite three years ago, is running on only 39.3% o
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Windows Defender Is the Best Windows 10 Antivirus
Is a third-party antivirus still required on Windows 10?

Starting with the launch of Windows 8 back in 2012, Microsoft’s offering its desktop operating system with a pre-installed antivirus solution called Windows Defender and based on an older security product known as Security Essentials.

Since the release of Windows 10, however, Windows Defender has evolved substantially. So substantially that it’s now the antivirus of choice for many users out there who no longer feel the need for thir
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ARCH ENEMY - The World Is Yours
ARCH ENEMY - The World Is Yours