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leaked apple cracking leaks down is indicates on document

Leaked document indicates Apple is cracking down on leaks
Apple has long been known for its secrecy when it comes to unreleased products. Despite its efforts, leaks still get out regularly, particularly from its supply chain. Apple is reportedly looking to change that by updating the security guidelines for its manufacturing partners. Ironically, the news comes from an internal document leaked to The Information.
Under the updated guidelines, manufacturing facilities must conduct criminal background checks on assembly line workers that have access to unreleased Apple products. Previously background checks only applied to certain employees. Those with criminal histories are not allowed into any area of the facility where unreleased devices are being developed or assembled.

Apple is also upgrading its computer systems to track how long components remain at workstations. If the part is in one place for too long, the computer will issue security alerts. Additionally, guards posted at various checkpoints will be required to keep detailed records regarding the locations and movements of any employees moving "sensitive" components from one area to another.

If anything, factory workers who are in the facility daily and are recognized by management and coworkers are much less threat than some random Apple employee coming in for the first time. ID badges can be faked, and biometric screening is a good last line of defense against physical penetration.

As with all leaks, treat this one as a rumor. Apple has not confirmed the policy changes and considering the nature, it likely never will, even if true.

Had heard about this from a friend of mine as well, I believe Apple is not confirming/denying this since they would not like to share their inner workings.
Doubt they'll succeed in containing leaks. This is just going to end up being more annoying to leak for assembly workers, but nothing more.
They have come a long way, now scanning user phones. CSAM is their new backdoor
Each corporation had a trade secret for its own benefit.
I think with their new backdoor they would ideally want to curb leaks to stop damaging information from getting out.

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