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behaving just like i always do. doing shopping, not hoarding stuff, walking my doggie.as always. thinking the news is totally unreadable, as always.
and realizing this idiocy is very disruptive for thousands of people who have mouths to feed but no income. and the powers that be do not give a damn.
i guess i am lucky to live in the free west, as they call it. and it will blow over, after the free press has caused enough misery. just my two cents.
My input on the subject since I am recovering from it...
The problem is the media!
Its a virus ppl but what caught the attention was how fast it mutated from animals to humans and then human to human contact then it mutated to being air born now.  It mutates faster then any known virus before.  
So if the virus is mutating this fast how in the h*ll can a vaccine be created if it is mutating so fast that labs cant keep track of it?
It does have the potential of being a very bad virus in the future because of the rate of mutation. 
All it did to me is cause me to cough a lot and chest congestion.  Take Sudafed and Mucinex.  Do not take anything for fever if not over 102.  Heat kills the virus so let you body heat up but it gets over 102 then of course take something for the fever.  You don't want to cook.  lol  Breathe in steam since it also kills the virus in the throat and lungs.  
I have felt worse from the flu to tell the truth.
Don't let the media scare you.  Use common sense.  Obviously if your sick don't go out until the fever and cough passes in order to not expose others to the virus, just like with the flu.
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First, I want to say how glad I am you are recovering, @Cerberus. Although this virus is attacking mostly the infirmed (as would be expected), there are some who were otherwise healthy that have gotten it too, and a few have died from it. I live in central NJ and that's what's happening here.

You said "...how fast it mutated from animals to humans and then human to human contact then it mutated to being air born now.  It mutates faster then any known virus before." I've not seen any scientific evidence to back this up. The governments are spinning this as having crossed species, but I'm not aware of any real scientific paper that has proved a virus migrating species ever. The only way a virus has crossed species is with human intervention.

And as far I know, COVID-19 is not airborne. It's carried in mucous droplets, and these droplets are ejected when you sneeze or cough. Thes droplets carry only about 3 or 4 feet, so the 6 foot social distancing we're supposed to be following should protect you. So no, it's mutating any faster than any other coronavirus.

Getting back to the human intervention aspect, the governments are spinning this as having evolved naturally. They've said that it originated in a live animal market in Wuhan, China, naturally. What they don't say is that this animal market is next to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is one of only two bioweapons research labs in all of China:


What they also don't tell you is that we've been using genetic engineering on viruses, including the coronavirus, since before 2009. This article, from 2009, talks about the state of genetic engineering at the time, how they use the coronavirus, and how they've used genetic engineering to migrate a virus across species:

Just FYI from my experience.
Clearing something up that I've heard multiple times now. COVID-19 gets its name from the year it was discovered (2019), and is the third of its kind, not the 19th. There was SARS, MERS and now SARS-NCOV.
Also, masks are more useful than you think. Especially outside where they stop you from touching the majority of where the virus infiltrates: - your nose and mouth. I recommend sunglasses too as I touch my face without thinking, and this stops me. I've been tested, so far clear twice. I know people call BS on masks, but it's better than having no mask, especially if you need to cough and are asymptomatic.

Nitrile gloves are also great, I wear black ones and don't get sweaty in them. They can be worn all day with no issue. With all this hand washing and dryness, you can use Aqueous cream to re-hydrate and lock in moisture. Try to pat dry your hands, not rub a towel as this will stop some cracking of the skin, and use soap and water where possible, limit hand sanitizer.
My respect to everyone dealing with this, I hope everyone pulls through the other side.

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