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I'm surprised no one has posted about it yet.

What's your experience? I'm currently in quarantine.
We have had our first case of that virus here where I live.  Its spreading fast and will end fast just like the flu.  Just like the flu, if older or young you are at higher risk.  I think it too much hype personally.  The flu kills more ppl per year then this virus.
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People have gone nuts here way over the top, times like this humanity really makes me sick fighting over things when there's not even a shortage. In reality we should all be sharing not fighting! Shelves are emptying quick what's it like everywhere else?
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I totally agree, the disease itself seems less harmful than all this chaos coming from the coverage of Social Media.
Who the freak is gonna use 65 packs of toilet-paper if the world goes in quarantine? The disease doesn't even give you diarrhea.

Freak the people hoarding everything. Americans even have issues restocking the shelves now because of these sheep.

Edited to remove curse words...Cerberus
Lets watch the language so not to offend some members.  I can handle it but others might get offended.  
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(03-16-2020, 12:00 AM)Cerberus Wrote: Lets watch the language so not to offend some members.  I can handle it but others might get offended.  

Sorry for that mate, won't happen again.

- Cut 58
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In situations like this it's always us that make things worse! As it was mentioned earlier in the thread, the flu kill more people a year. Problem here is infection rate is so high (mainly due to bad hygiene) it's scary how many people see washing their hands as a new thing! With the numbers climbing and seeing countries in quarantine people are panic buying lots of items in fear they won't have enough when in reality if quarantined it would likely be for 2-3 weeks with most people normal weekly shop they would have enough to last but when these situations occur logic seems to go out the window. I feel sorry for the people most at risk as they can't get items they need and people have been stealing sanitizers from hospital beds over here really sickening! I even saw a post on Facebook that a mum shared as her disabled children had hand sanitizers stole out their school bags when there are in the more at risk catagory too made me really angry. Panic is a horrible thing. Think when people drown they say a huge percentage is due to panic if they would have relaxed they may not have drowned, same situation here...
Current Situation My country is very not good, we lack of testing equipment (curentlly we have 150k from china but still there 265 Milion people in my country that need it and we are  island base nation ), Hospital Bed, face mask,face shield,disinfectant, hand sanitizer and PPE, Our doctor and nurse on frontline on many state that far from capitol or nation main island are on "suicide mision" because of it. They force to us Raincoat. We also lack of doctor and nurse, and many already our genius and talented doctor died because of it. I am and my people, who not in main island but in other island state, we facing face mask shortage and test kit. We are scared but most of people are still need go to work without protection, goverment is also slow in respond this, they can take action fast in january but "unfortunely" they don't, almost every official and political member not caring or taking plan about it until late now, some of them  laughing  about it even our Minister of health saying " We are immune because we prayer everyday to god, not like them" to make everyting worse group of "Buzzer" make aggresive fake news and hoax related to Covid-19 Treatment, Spreading (blaming china people and othe racist sutff) also prevention (telling people eat garliyc,drink alcohol,smoking)   Now we have more that 1000+ case highest death rate on Southeast asia (8,6% fatality rate) if you want follow situation and case update you can visit my goverment Arcgis Operation Dasboard on https://www.covid19.go.id/situasi-virus-corona/ .
I have 3 Questions to Whole World :

Are you Cortana Infected?
Anybody known found Cortana Infected & doctor declared him/her infected?
Then what ? You have a mind think & realize.

[ Do you have a habbit of blind trust on media ]
UK is on lockdown, not allowed out of the house apart from for essentials

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