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System Information Viewer 5.29
System Information Viewer 5.29

SIV is an app for displaying lots of useful Windows, network and hardware info.

This incudes CPU info, PCI info, PCMCIA info, USB info SMBus info, SPD info, Machine Info, Hardware Sensors, Networked computers, Operating System Information and more. Uses pcidevs.txt for the PCI devices, usbdevs.txt for the USB devices, mondevs.txt for monitor descriptions and
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World’s Most Valuable AI Startup is Part of “World’s Biggest System of Surveillance"
Bloomberg News
April 8, 2018, 7:00 PM MDT
  • [color=#3c3c3c][font=BWHaasText-55Roman, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]It becomes the world’s richest-valued private
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Windows System Core RS1 x64 2.9v - LiteOS
Windows System Core RS1 x64 2.9v - LiteOS

activation - fixed


use "Enter-SC to SC2.9.svf" without quotes to make the Windows System Core RS1 x64 2.9.ISO

updated to 2273

bug left  to fix - new drive appear only after reboot

version1 is for bt
version2 is the liter one
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SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool v4.11.5 Final [Pro]
[Image: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/JSezGj...-9oTw=s180]
SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool v4.11.5 Final [Pro]

Requirements: 4.1+

Overview: This is a powerful tool! Use at own risk!
Nobody is perfect and Android neither.

Google Play:

Changelog: N/A

This app has no advertisements

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Eassos System Restore
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/i468uxZ.jpg]

Eassos System Restore

Eassos System Restore is powerful and easy-to-use software for system backup, disaster recovery and data protection purposes. It’ll quickly back up your system and easily restore it when anything goes wrong. Both full backup and incremental backup are supported and multiple restore time points are available. The backup file can be password protected, which can avoid undesired system restore.

[b]Key featu
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Veritas System Recovery
Disaster recovery for virtual machines, servers, and laptops

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/q9pAt4x.png]
Restore Windows and Linux systems in minutes

Ensuring rapid, reliable disaster recovery across your entire infrastructure can be complicated and costly. With Veritas System Recovery, you can minimize downtime and avoid the impact of disaster by easily recovering in minutes, whether you're restoring a single file or email to an entire machine-phy
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CCBOOT Diskless System
What Is CCBoot?
CCBoot is a diskless boot system that will make all of your PCs like new after every single reboot. This means, no more worrying about Spyware, Viruses, and Trojans. Every single time a PC is rebooted, it’s wiped clean, leaving you with the feeling of a fresh install after every restart. Your computers are safer AND they run faster.

You can update all of your PCs with a single click of your mouse, saving countless hours. Have a piece of software you want to deploy across ALL
Author: MaskedUser - Replies: 17 - Views: 9789
System Info in My Computer Properties
How to set up your Ssytem to show Mothorboard Manufacturer & Model in your My Computer Properties :

FOR /F "tokens=3* delims= " %%i in ('reg query HKLM\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\BIOS /v BaseBoardManufacturer') DO (SET BaseBoardManufacturer=%%i)
FOR /F "tokens=3* delims= " %%i in ('reg query HKLM\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\BIOS /v BaseBoardProduct') DO (SET BaseBoardProduct=%%i)
REG add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OEMInformation" /t REG_SZ /v Manufacturer /d "%BaseBo
Author: Bl4ckCyb3rEnigm4 - Replies: 19 - Views: 7913
PGWare System Swift
SystemSwift sets the standard for PC and game optimization software. A combination of our three products PCMedik, GameGain and Throttle; SystemSwift instantly makes your computer faster and fixes common problems associated with frustrating slowdowns and errors, squeezes out every last bit of performance your computer and games are capable of and increases the speed of your internet connection. Do you remember when you first turned your brand new computer on and how fast it worked? With SystemSwi
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CPU X - Device & System info v3.3.2 [Mod]

[align=center][Image: https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/A4...20-h310-rw] [Image: https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/l9...20-h310-rw] [img]https://play-lh.googleusercontent.com/QQOZ_gcw9UIISXza8ERRZ4AI