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Author: tao - Replies: 10 - Views: 52911
Singapore personal data hack hits 1.5m, health authority says
Hackers have stolen personal data in Singapore belonging to some 1.5 million people, or about a quarter of the population, officials say.

They broke into the government health database in a "deliberate, targeted and well-planned" attack, a government statement says.

Those targeted visited clinics between 1 May 2015 and 4 July of this year.

Data taken include names and addresses but not medical records, other than medicines dispensed in some cases.
"Information on the outpatien
Author: adi - Replies: 7 - Views: 8949
Comcast, Charter dominate US; telcos “abandoned rural America,” report says
AT&T and Verizon have generally built fiber only where they face competition.

You already knew that home broadband competition is sorely lacking through much of the US, but a new report released today helps shed more light on Americans who have just one choice for high-speed Internet.

Comcast is the only choice for 30 million Americans when it comes to broadband speeds of at least 25Mbps downstream and 3Mbps upstream, the report says. Charter Communications is the only choice for 38
Author: NikKlaus - Replies: 13 - Views: 2162
Musk says total investments in Starlink to reach $20-$30 billion
BARCELONA, June 29 (Reuters) - Elon Musk said on Tuesday that total investments in Starlink would reach between $5 billion and $10 billion before the satellite internet venture achieves positive cash flow.
Over the lifetime of the project, total investments could run to $20-$30 billion, the Tesla Inc,CEO told the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
"It's a lot, basically," Musk said in a video interview from California