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Author: MaskedUser - Replies: 13 - Views: 6940
Windows 7 - Advanced Security Updates (ESU) will be possible with a patch
There is apparently nothing that can not be avoided. So also the support end of Windows 7. Here is on January 14, 2020 closing time with updates. But there are ways to continue getting updates.

Already in September we had reported that 0patch wants to continue to offer micro-patches, so you can continue to work with Windows 7. Microsoft itself offers additional payment for a further three years. These chargeable Extended Security Updates (ESU) are also available for smaller businesses.

Author: Pz_Miko - Replies: 22 - Views: 6522
Audacity is now a Possible Spyware, Remove it ASAP
The famous open source audio manipulation program was acquired by a company named Muse Group two months ago. The same company owns other projects in its portfolio such as Ultimate Guitar (Famous website for Guitar enthuisasts) and MuseScore (Open source music notation software).
Ever since, Audacity has been a heated topic.
The parent company is a multi-national company and it has been trying to start a data-collection mechanism in the software. While Audacity is nothing more than a desktop pr