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Importance of RAM State in Digital Forensic Analysis
Digital forensic experts understand the importance of remembering to perform a RAM Capture on- Crime Scene Investigation so as to not leave valuable evidence behind. Capturing volatile data in a computer's memory dump enables investigators and examiners to do a full memory analysis and access data including:
browsing history
encryption keys
chat messages
clipboard contents
run-time system activity
open network connections (often these artifacts are only found in R
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Importance of Email Header Analysis
Modern time communication is impossible without emails. In the field of business communication, emails are considered as its integral part. At the same time, emails are also being used by criminals. In digital forensics, emails are considered as evidence and Email Header Analysis has become important to collect evidence during forensics process. Email clients are computer programs that allow users to send and receive emails. Over time, different types of email clients have been invented for the
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The importance of the computer being on
It's important during an arrest of a cybercriminal that the computer is powered on. That because the cybercriminal can have installed a program that decrypt the disk at startup only by inserting a password or because you want the login credential to a site. An example of a program that encrypt the disk is VeraCrypt. VeraCrypt infact is able to encrypt the disk with a password and decrypt it at startup, that means that if the computer is shutted down the only way to do forensics over it is to kno
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Importance of disk Encryption
Cryptography basis  (if you find it boring go ahead)

First of all you have to understand how work encryption. Encryption algorithms are algorithms that are divided in Symmetric key and Public key. Symmetric key algorithms encrypt and decrypt with the same key(password), instead Public key uses two different keys for encrypt and decrypt.

The most used and strong encryption algorithms are:
  • RSA(Public key) possible key lengths are 1024 bit, 2048 bit, 3072 bit and 4096 bi
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Microsoft elevates Teams' importance by offering top-dollar bug bounties
Microsoft last week underscored the importance of Teams to its current and future strategic planning by inaugurating a new bug bounty program that will offer up to $30,000 — twice the maximum of any Office application — to security researchers for reporting previously-unknown vulnerabilities.
Out the gate, the new program, carrying the prosaic label "Microsoft Applications Bounty Program," focused exclusively on the Teams desktop client. Other applications will be brought into the program, Micro