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Easy Boot Helper v1.9 (USB HDD SSD Boot Test Tool)
Assistant for bootable flash drive builders
Mix of QEMU virtual machine ( Legacy , EFI32 , EFI64 ) and editing functions BCD , GRLDR and Menu.lst

Drag and drop images onto the program icon - launch in QEMU
Select and test in QEMU , CD \ DVD \ HDD \ USB , from the drop-down list 
Drag and drop images to the top of the program - run QEMU for testing 
Drag and drop BCD , GRLDR , Menu.lst files into individual windows below - editing in BootIce
Attention! It does not repla
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Why not to sell you HDD or SSD with your computer
I know anyone want to make some money from an old computer, sometime gettting less money isn't the worst thing. Your HDD or SSD preserve a lot of your important data like your family trip images or all your work files. When you delete a file, the file is showed how "deleted" but instead is still on the disk. The file will be still on the disk until you don't overwrite it with another file, for that reason there are some tools that are made to overwrite and make impossible to recover a deleted fi
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Latest Disk Genius Tool
DiskGenius Professional 5 helps you restore files that are deleted by mistake, lost without reason, partition reformatted, system crashes, virus attack, partition failure…; Recovering lost partitions by rebuilding MBR, rebuilding partition table; and what’s more it is a useful tool to manage disk partitions and it can backup partitions.

As a one tool but fixes various disk problems including file missing, partition lost, bad MBR, partition table errors… DiskGenius Professional also enables yo