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Author: Alv37 - Replies: 171 - Views: 31787
Mozilla Firefox 78.x & 91.x (ESR) /92.x (Stable) /93.x (Bêta & Dev) /94.0a1 (Nightly)
Mozilla Firefox
v78.14.0 & v91.1.0 (ESR) / v92.0 (Stable) / v93.0b5 (Bêta & Dev) / v94.0a1 (Nightly)

Firefox is the latest web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation, it is powered by the Servo web browser layout engine and the incredibly fast and smooth Photon UI. Firefox
Author: Alv37 - Replies: 89 - Views: 10067
Mozilla Thunderbird 78.x & 91.x (Stable) / 93.x (Bêta) / 94.0a1 (Nightly)
Mozilla Thunderbird
v78.14.0 (Stable) / v91.1.0 (Stable) / v93.0b1 (Bêta) / v94.0a1 (Nightly)

Thunderbird is Mozilla's next generation e-mail client. Thunderbird makes emailing safer, faster, and easier than ever before with the industry's best implementations of features such as intelligent spam filters, a built-in