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portable multilingual photolemur v1 2390 x64 1 3

Photolemur 3 v1.1.0.2390 (x64) Multilingual + portable
[Image: K11J4sv.jpg]

Innovative user-centered interface puts all the focus on your images, and doesn’t confuse you with complex sliders. Sleek & sharp on the outside, Photolemur houses the most advanced image processing technology on the inside. And with 2.2, you have full control over it. With the new smart slider only you define the final look of your photos. Fully Automatic Photo Enhancer.
Make your photos perfect with cutting-edge technology that automatically analyzes and adjusts everything it sees to restore lost details, touch up faces, and boost lighting and colors.

The first photo enhancer with brains.
Photolemur has 12 smart technologies that help it to automatically analyze and adjust your photos. From faces and objects to colors, horizons, and the sky, it understands it all.

Welcome to the future of photo editing.
Automatic image perfection.
Photolemur naturally knows just what to do for images that wow. From faces, to objects, to the sky — it analyzes and adjusts different aspects of your photo to achieve perfection. With a completely automated system, Photolemur gets you that epic end result faster than any human being.

Bulk picture enhancement.
Your memories are as precious as your time. Photolemur is designed to dramatically simplify batch image editing: enhance any amount of images at once, process RAW files, work with any volume of images. Photolemur takes care of the complex part, so you can enjoy the rest.
A powerful interface.
Revolutionary user interface crafted by a Red Dot Award winning designer, Photolemur offers you the option to just drag & drop your photos and let the whole process of the photo editing be done by the technology itself. Forget about using sliders or complex controls that make editing a chore.

Welcome to the future of photography.
Our innovative algorithms are the heart of our magic. Photolemur thoroughly analyzes absolutely everything (millions of pixels per second) and makes unique, specific adjustments to every last image.

How did Photolemur get so smart?
We analyzed over 1,000,000 images so we could guarantee amazing results.

Tech Requirements:
Intel® Core i3 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster processor
4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
1024 x 768 display (1280x800 recommended)
4 GB of available hard-disk space
DirectX 10-capable video adapter
Microsoft Windows 7, 8,10 (64-bit)

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Portable by me 567 MB (2 parts)
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