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auryo v2 3

Auryo v2.3.0
Auryo – A Cross-Platform Desktop Client for SoundCloud
[Image: Auryo-Soundcloud-Desktop-Client.png]
Auryo is is an unofficial cross-platform SoundCloud desktop client that features an amazing and aesthetically pleasing UI design together with support for SoundCloud‘s features.

Unlike when using SoundCloud in the browser, Auryo lets you continue working while enjoying your music without the need to go back and forth between your desktop and the browser.

Features of Auryo
    Cross-Platform: Download and install Auryo on Linux, Mac, and Windows PCs.
    Free: The SoundCloud desktop client is also free to download and use.
    Electron-based application built by Jonas Snellinckx.
    Carry out SoundCloud functions like in the browser including favoriting songs and artists.
    Find new music via searching for artists, playlists or/and tracks.
    Read user comments.
    MPRIS integration using your keyboard.
    Follow/unfollow accounts.

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Notes: You need SoundCloud Account and if you see any ads use a vpn with a non USA IP and that should fix  it . I hear SoundCloud only have ads in the USA, i know i use a vpn and i don't ever have any with this app.

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