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v2018 builder 124 app

App Builder v2018.124
[Image: Capture01.png]

Visual actions

You don't need to know Javascript to create applications with App Builder. The App Builder's script language are based in hundreds of visual actions that you can simply put in the place that you need to be executed.
Visual designer
App Builder provide us dozens of visual and non visual controls ready to be placed in the application's designer. Simply drag and drop the control that you need into the designer and then place it where you wanted.
Contextual help
App Builder is intented to be easy to use, however, they include a complete help file that describes all the availables control and actions, as well some specific tutorials.
More than apps
App Builder prepares for you the required stuff to deploy your applications as WebApps and Progressive WebApps. App Builder also allows you to develop WebExtensions for the modern browsers.
Hello world!
Take a look at what you can do with App Builder in just ten seconds! The below video shown the traditional "Hello world!" application, that, in the App Builder case, only take 10 seconds to be created and running!

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Credits to Youpi

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Cheers With AGSKY
Added v2018.126 Patch(Working)
Credits to Youpi

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