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60 9417 professional 30 disk 10482 70 61 11463 build 50 40 hard 5 sentinel 11973

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional 5.70.11973
New version (5.61 Build 11463) in post #1.
Cerebrus patch still working on 5.61 build 11463. 9
Update (5.70.11973) in post #1.
Hey I am having an issue with downloading the activator. Firefox seems to insists that it's infected. Is it a false alarm or is it compromised?
False positive, especially when use Firefox as antivirus. 4
(07-21-2021, 05:13 PM)boxesofkittens Wrote: The contents of this section are hidden
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If you have any antivirus addons installed in firefox it gives false alarm. Or some times windows defender catch it as virus. Turn off defender temporarily and download crack again. Try "Cerberus" patch. It won't give false alarm.

Lol @Iznogoud
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  • boxesofkittens
(07-21-2021, 10:43 PM)chillgates Wrote: The contents of this section are hidden
You have No permissionsThank you very much for the clarification, downloaded the activator and it worked so mad respect to y'all. I didn't have any antivirus addons installed (I do have Avast though (not the addon) and that didn't find any viruses) so I think it must be a new feature in Firefox. Fortunately I could open the file anyways without having to disable anything.

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