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that facebook has downloaded yikes i the me information on

I Downloaded the Information That Facebook Has on Me. Yikes.
(03-22-2023, 02:16 PM)Squalyzer Wrote: hello

Personally I do not use facebook and other social networks. And there are browsers like Firefox and extensions like Ghostery, ublock Origin, Malwarebytes that protect you quite a bit already. I also installed spyware Blaster which I find great with lists of sites to avoid
When I signed up I used fake details but whenever I tried to get in touch with anything remotely connected to me irl the system would start identifying me. And I don't even mean contacting people I knew (which would ofc call me by my real name or tag me in fotos from then on) but in all the analytical ways one could think of. 

Surveillance capitalism won't be the future but it sure will impact its course.
Today facebook banned me because I changed my name there. I've made it form Michael to Mike and replaced my old cut in half surname to full one, but FB decided to ban me. Amaing stupidity!
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Facebook are always banning people. like changing a photo or a name. They may even ban you for using a VPN. I would definitely not recommend Facebook

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