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that facebook has downloaded yikes i the me information on

I Downloaded the Information That Facebook Has on Me. Yikes.
Fortunately, facebook doesn't know too much about me. I didn't trust them from the beginning and that distrust has only grown, now that I read this, it's even more justified!

Thanks for sharing!
[Image: PNLYiEq.png]
Damn, they give that much info to advertisers? That's alarming, but I suppose not surprising. This is Facebook after all. Privacy is dead while they are around.
You are using their services for free and you agreed to their terms and conditions. SO, you know!
I feel FB is not revealing the true extend of what it actually knows about its signed customers. Because if they indeed did, it would not run down well with the community. But yeah its just my gut talking, can be wrong  46
Facebook even collects data once your not logged in, hence the plugin is recommended (for Firefox):


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