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to an source extract of the exe? code how

How to extract the source code of an .exe?
This i need it for one app which is written in c#.
I know that it's possible and which guy can do it, he says it's easy but I should learn before reverse engineering. Does no one can do this here?

First i want to get the source code of one app and give it another which can better coding. Second i want myself to change somethings, I can't code but what I want is just to place boxes on other places and change the color cuz some buttons I just don't see cuz i have dark mode enabled
The App costs 1000$ and is not possible to login when the login and hwid is not the same as in the server.
It have 4 auth key system and a base64 encryption to the server I heard, can anybody crack such an app? I hope it's allowed here cuz i see full apps in the app section
really, no one could help me out? can no one RE here or is it just too much to tell or teaching?

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