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explorer task

Task Explorer
In case there is someone interested in a new powerful task manager, here is one:
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it uses the ProcessHacker kernel driver and the phlib as back-end.
The UI layout is inspired by the old tool TaskInfo which unfortunately seams abandoned since 2012 and it being closed source means its dead.


For me personally the UX of TaskInfo always was the best of the best, although growing up with something makes you think this way about many things ant it may not be true, its just the result of getting used to it.

But I think I can make a good case why the particular UX style is objectively good. The UI focuses on expedience and getting real time data of what the system is doing at any given moment. Quick access to information one is interested in is emphasized interesting data are provided in easy to access (as less clicks as possible) panels, with no need to open windows or windows of sub windows. No pressing refresh most data are refreshed continuously. The toolbar provides decently sized graphs providing not just CPU usage but also usage of Objects, handles, network and IO/disk access.
The task info panels show all open handles (including file handles), the current file position is one of the columns what is quite useful to see what is a program actually working on right now disk wise. An other panel shows all open connections/sockets providing also data rate information. The thread panel contains a stack trace for the selected thread giving even more insight in wat the selected application is doing right now.

In my use case I have the task manager (now my own before that TaskInfo) always open on a small monitor on the side and can always keep an eye on whats going on on my system.

Now some things are not yet done, but being a pre release and a work in progress that is imho Ok. The tool uses the original signed ProcessHacker driver so no need to enable test signing, etc....

The GUI is by far not as light weight as Process Hackers as it is using the Qt framework but its CPU usage is comparable with task info, at least as long as one does not enable way toooo many columns in the process tree.
Being written in Qt makes the UI part platform independent and I took care of implementing everything with abstract classes such that one if one would have the time to do so could easily swap the process hacker library back-end for something that would work on Linux or even Mac.
Although that would be a project for an other time....

Newest release:

This build updates the PH Library to 3.0.4365 and adds fixes for various minor bugs.

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Important Note:
The driver is now only test signed as the leaked certificate was blacklisted in the windows kernel, hence you need to enable test mode to use all of the features.


  • added sandboxie tab with a lot of sandboxie related details
  • added option to freeze and unfreeze entire jobs
  • added "Original Impersonation Token" menu command to inspect the impersonation token of sandboxed thread
  • added rpc view listing all rpc endpoints on the system
  • added windows 11 detection
  • replaced all icons
  • updated PHlib to version 3.0.4365
  • fixed issue resolving kernel symbols introduced with 1.3

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