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windows protonvpn edition free

ProtonVPN (Windows) Free Edition
(03-24-2023, 09:52 PM)Blahx Wrote: Tried it, it was quite limited.

I ended up going for Mullvad + Openvpn for what I needed

Been wanting to opt for Mullvad for a while now. How is Mullvad so far? Any limited speed issues you've experienced? Also, does Mullvad support Wireguard?
(08-03-2021, 04:38 PM)edgewoodjackson Wrote: Does anyone recommend our use this?  What has your experience been and do they log?
i mean for basic web-browsing it was okay, but honestly from my experience, it was eh. i have no clue if torrenting or pirating would be safe or not. obviously a paid vpn provider is going to be better but from all the free vpn services ive tried, proton seemed to be the best in terms of speed, reliability, and 'street credit' . i don't know if they log or not, so i can't say.
Some news said proton mail has leaked their clients information to government. So its vpn may not be the best choice.
could you be a little more specific, please? source? and what government?[ prolly the swiss, because their servers are located there?]
thanks in advance.
I do not know am i able to put a direct link here, but here is an example
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