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windows protonvpn edition free

ProtonVPN (Windows) Free Edition
Does anyone recommend our use this?  What has your experience been and do they log?
i have no experience with their vpn.you can have a look at their website. i use their email; and they are okay. just constantly asking for donations, but basically they are free.
Probably the best option for free.
I tried it. It is good very good till your trial expire. As free one no not good I do not use it.
I think it's important to maintain a cautious attitude towards any VPN

It is possible to be attacked by a man-in-the-middle
use azure to build a VPN is better to control
I didn't use it.
Windscribe VPN is nice for me.
well, as far as i understood, the whole point was that proton is free...
windscribe is not! quote  That's only $2 per month to use the VPN unquote.
well, i have been using it for 9 days now..
install gave me zero trouble.
but skunk told me in the shout it would only work as trial version for 7 days;
and then i would lose access to a lot of their servers. i never even tried those servers; no need...
they got free servers in japan, the netherlands, and switserland.
i stayed logged in on their #1 japan server for 9 days now.
[ i shunned the dutch servers, because i do not trust the dutch govt. any farther than i can throw them.]
so far, it works just great; only downside if you watch youtube, you get
adds in japanese, lol. [ i could not care less! f***k youtube & google too..]
in terms of speed, i rarely dl huge files, but it seems quite good.
there is just a ~1 second delay before  a website turns up.
so far it gave no trouble with trial expiry after 9 days. but i did not log off yet; and the price is right too..
and you can trust them about no logging too. the swiss have got serious privacy laws in place.
conclusion; happy user. recommended.

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