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4800 shipping ddr5 now teamgroup preorder memory soon for available

TeamGroup DDR5-4800 memory now available for preorder, shipping soon
The first DDR5 memory is now available for sale:

[Image: TeamGroup-ELITE-DDR5-1.jpg]
TeamGroup’s DDR5 memory, which only launched this month, is now available for preorder on Amazon. A 32 GB kit with JEDEC DDR5-4800 specs is listed at around 310 USD. This is the first commercially available kit before any actual consumer DDR5 motherboard is available.
This ELITE memory kit features two modules each with 16GB of memory. The DDR5 memory is clocked at 4800 Mbps, which is near the speeds of premium overclocked DDR4 memory. The DDR5 memory though offers lower voltage (just 1.1V), which could potentially provide further headroom for overclocking.
Unfortunately Intel Alder Lake CPU series, as well as new 600-series motherboards, are not available yet, which means there is no hardware capable of supporting this standard. It may however be a good chance to preorder a kit in case there are supply issues later (hopefully there won’t). At this moment is unclear when another brand will launch their kits (including overclocked models) or when will they become available.
According to Amazon, the memory will be in stock soon with estimated shipping in mid to late July depending on the shipping address.
Update: the same kit is also available on Newegg 

[Image: TeamGroup-DDR5-4800-Amazon-Listing.jpg]

The price is high, though I expected it to be

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