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in will can but current you rate the be now more soon lock disney expensive

Disney+ will soon be more expensive, but you can lock in the current rate now
like the other guy said, everytime disney comes out with a show I want to watch, I wait for the entire to air and download the whole thing. No need for it now lol
I prefer to pay for lifetime plex and use sonarr and radarr that pay every year for this
Most people are almost blind to the underlying fact that the cost of living is growing rapidly across the board and the knock off effect is inflation = prices of goods and *services would also follow suite.

Disney+ will increase it's membership cost, so will Netfilx if it hasn't already, so will all the other platforms eventually like Amazon etc. There would those who wait it out, but eventually would also increase their prices, there is no escaping it.

Off topic, I got a message from UberEats I think yesterday or so, they were announcing launching a subscription model. I laughed so hard I started coughing. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is gung ho for implementing subscription any means possible.
utorrent here i come  69 69

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