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EA Play finally heads to Xbox Game Pass on PC

After a delay of several months, EA Play is finally making its way onto the PC version of Xbox Games Pass - and it's doing so tomorrow.

EA Play first popped up on Game Pass back in November, but there was a caveat: the games were only available on console, so those hoping to access EA games on PC (either through Game Pass for PC or Ultimate) would have to wait. The PC versions were scheduled to arrive in December, but the launch was delayed until sometime in 2021.

As detailed in the official update video, those hoping to access EA PC games through Game Pass will first need to sign into the Windows 10 Xbox app, then click install on an EA Play game. This will bring up a prompt to install the EA desktop app. You can then head back to the Xbox app to install the game - at which point you'll be asked to log in with your EA account. If you haven't already done so, you'll then need to link your Xbox and EA accounts, which will allow access to EA Play.
Waiting for Xbox Game pass now
EA has some good titles for sure. I'll have to take a look at xbox game pass in the future, get my hands dirty with some fifa

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