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AOMEI Backupper 7.1.1
AOMEI Backupper is a handy application that allows you to create disk and partition backups with just a few clicks. You can use the program to select the partition that you want to back up and create a backup image within minutes. It can also explore the created image and restore it to the hard drive if your data gets corrupted. You can create a bootable disk for recovering your data.

[Image: SZZGoxb.png]

Complete Backup Management
-Backup system, entire disk, one or more partitions, and selected files & folders.
-Make backup easy with schedule, incremental, and differential operations.
-Automatically clean up old image files based on specified value to save disk space.
-Store backup images to local disk, external hard drive, CD/DVD, flash drive, or NAS/network, etc.
-Email notifications; view backup logs; export/import tasks; compress, split, mount backup images.
-Start up unlimited client machines through PXE network booting for system maintenance.

Fast and Reliable Recovery
-Restore system, disk, partition, files, and folders to an earlier state when working properly.
-Restore a system backup image to another computer with different/dissimilar hardware. (New)
-Automatic partition alignment restoration to maximize performance, especially for SSD.
-Recover individual files what you need without restoring the entire image to save time.
-Windows PE & Linux bootable recovery environments in the event of system and disk crash.

Step-by-Step Clone Wizard
-Migrate OS and all applications in system drive to the faster SSD or a larger HDD.
-Create an exact duplication of your partition or dynamic disk volume to transfer data.
-Clone a hard drive to another hard drive for upgrading or replacing disk.

Latest Technologies Supported
-SSD, MBR Disk, GPT Disk, Dynamic Disk, UEFI/EFI Boot Mode.

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Is it possible to make a portable version of this app?
Update (7.1.1) in post #1.

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