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window explorer with tabs tabbed dir q browser the quad 8 tab 44

Q-dir 8.44 ( The quad window explorer with tabs )
Quote:The Quad-Directory-Explorer makes your files and folders easy to manage, either installed or as a Portable Windows program as an alternative to Microsoft's File Explorer.
Fast and easy access to your hard disks ergo advanced file management for network folders, USB-sticks, floppy disks and other storage devices  Is the most popular tool from the category file management on Software OK! Should I use 1, 2, 3 or 4 File Explorer, what is better, is a important question! 

Key features in the alternative File-Explorer

◆ File management in 4-window with tabs
◆ Folder size with extra information
◆ Color filter for files and folders
◆ Classic and modern address bar
◆ Directory structure with visible tree branches
◆ Print what you see in Explorer Views
◆ Based on the system File manager

Other options and specifications
◆ Save folder combinations as favorites
◆ Moving and copying the data via "drag and drop"
◆ Mark selected folders and files
◆ Small program great in file management
◆ improved quad explorer file preview
◆ Multilingual!
◆ Low System Resource usage
◆ Freeware
◆ ... and much more

Some more features

    Favourites: Quick access to your most often used folders.
    Preview filter settings: ... Change preview filter settings?
    Drag&Drop: Move files by dragging in Q-views and other Explorers.
    Clipboard: Copy / Paste between Q-views and other Explorers.
    Folder-Types: ZIP, FTP, cabinet, network, system folders, shortcuts ...
    Views: Large icons, tiles, list, detail, thumbnail (Vista: extra large symbols) .
    Export: To XLS, CSV, TXT, HTML.
    Popup Menus: Desktop, My Computer.
    Screen magnifier: Enlarge anything on the screen.
    Color Filter: Different colors for different item types (e.g. *.log;*.txt).
    Highlight-Filter: Highlight files by extension type.
    File-Filter: Allows quick and easy filtering of files.
    Columns: Edit and save displayed columns.
    Quick-Link's: For fast folder access.
    Folder-Select: Fast & flexible folder selection address-bar / desktop menu / my-computer menu /...
    Multi-INI: Q-Dir saves settings to several INI files.
    Quadro-View technique: Quad-Pumped x 16 Tabs, (-: quad core + :-).
    Tree-View: Single and quadruple.
    Preview: Allows a quick preview.
    Portable: from v2.77 Q-Dir is portable.
    Printing: from v3.77 List, Details ...
    Folder size Column: from v3.83 file and folder size Column.
    Settings transfer: from v3.83 Improved transfer for folder and view settings.
    Faster edit: from v3.86 Faster edit or rename of files.
    File association: from v3.91 Internal file association rules.
    Tree View: Auto expand folders.
    Separate tree view for each explorer list view.
    and, much more........ 3

[Image: q-dir.png]



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x86 Portable
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x64 Portable

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