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tron the fights quot for user

Tron. "fights for the User"
A Must have Script for all (no need to use any AV)

Purpose:      Runs a series of cleaners and anti-virus engines to clean up/disinfect a Windows PC. All Windows versions XP and up are supported
::                  Kevin Flynn:  "Who's that guy?"
::                  Program:      "That's Tron. He fights for the User."
:: Requirements:  Run from the current users desktop. Run as Administrator.
:: Author:        vocatus on reddit.com/r/TronScript ( vocatus.gate at gmail ) // PGP key: 0x07d1490f82a211a2
:: Version:      1.1.9 + Add REMOVE_MALWAREBYTES (-rmb) switch to have Tron automatically remove Malwarebytes at the end of the run. Thanks to tbr:greg
::                      + Add SKIP_COOKIE_CLEANUP (-scc) switch to have Tron preserve ALL cookies. Thanks to tbr:sebastian
::                1.1.8 / Rename all instances of "argument(s)" to "switch(es)" to maintain project consistency
::                1.1.7 + Add value of WIN_VER_NUM to -c output
::                1.1.6 + Add support for new SKIP_ONEDRIVE_REMOVAL (-sor) switch. Thanks to github:ptrkhh
::                1.1.5 - Remove references to patching Java due to removal of that functionality
::                1.1.4 - Remove auto-relaunch on reboot if the script was interrupted. Just couldn't get it working reliably with UAC. Thanks to u/bubonis
::                1.1.3 ! Move prerun checks and tasks to after parse_commandline_switches, to allow -dev switch to function correctly. Thanks to github:justinhachemeister
::                      * Replace all relative references to reg.exe with hard-coded %REG% (set in initialize_environment.bat). Thanks to u/SkyPork for reporting
::                1.1.2 / Move SMART error detection code to prerun_checks_and_tasks.bat
::                1.1.1 + Add upload of Metro app list dump if -udl switch is used
::                      / Move Stage 7 code out of tron.bat into it's own discrete script
::                1.1.0 / Move network connection detection code into initialize_environment.bat
::                      + Add display of whether or not warnings and errors were detected to end-screen
::                1.0.9 + Add support for detection of Internet connection on French language systems. Thanks to u/mr_marmotte
::                1.0.8 * Improve network detection routine to address possibility of multiple languages in ipconfig output
::                1.0.7 * Improve network detection routine to work on German-language systems. Thanks to u/smokie12
::                1.0.6 ! Bugfixes for -a and -asm switches. Thanks to u/agent-squirrel
::                1.0.5 * Update code to support new -asm switch and alter original -a switch behavior (no longer auto-reboot into safe mode, unless -asm is used along with -a)
::                      - Remove "System is not in Safe Mode" warning. Tron is shifting emphasis away from running in Safe Mode since it's not technically required
::                      * Move help output (-h) to it's own function at the bottom of the script instead of cluttering up the pre-run section
::                1.0.4 ! Fix bug in debug log upload code
::                1.0.3 / Debug Log Upload: Replace PendingFileRename attachment with the system desktop screenshot instead, since this is often more helpful in troubleshooting
::                1.0.2 * Preface WMIC calls with null input to ensure the pipe is closed, fixes issue with WMI hanging on WinXP machines. Thanks to github:salsifis
::                        Relevant pull:
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::                1.0.1 * Update date/time logging functions to use new log_with_date.bat. No functionality change but should help with code readability. Thanks to /u/DudeManFoo
::                1.0.0 * Major breaking changes; VERSION in this script now just refers to tron.bat and NOT the overall Tron project version
::                        Tron overall project version now resides in \resources\functions\initialize_environment.bat. See that file for more details
::                      + Add REPO_TRON_VERSION and REPO_TRON_DATE to config dump (-c) output
::                      + Add switch -scs and associated SKIP_CUSTOM_SCRIPTS variable to allow forcibly skipping Stage 8 (custom scripts). This only has
::                        effect if .bat files exist in the stage_8_custom_scripts directory. If nothing is there then this option has no effect
::                      + Add switch -swo and associated SKIP_WSUS_OFFLINE variable to allow forcibly skipping bundled WSUS Offline updates even if they're
::                        present in stage_5_patch\wsus_offline\client\Update.cmd. Online Windows Updates will still be attempted.
::                      / Change -sp switch and associated SKIP_PATCHES variable to -sap and SKIP_APP_PATCHES to be consistent with other skip switches
::                      / Change -sw switch (SKIP_WINDOWS_UPDATE) to -swu to be consistent with other skip switches
::                      - Move task "Enable F8 Key on Bootup" to prerun_checks_and_tasks.bat
::                      - Move task "Create log directories if they don't exist" to initialize_environment.bat
::                      * Update welcome screen with note about Stage 8: Custom scripts
:: Usage:        Run this script as an Administrator (Safe Mode preferred but not required), follow the prompts, and reboot when finished. That's it.
::                Read the included instructions file for information on changing the default run options, using command-line switches, bundling your own scripts, and much more.
::                "Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act." -p3:27

Download :
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Author :
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Those who dont want to install Malwarebytes Anti Malware on there syatem kindly edit tron_settings.bat found in resources/functions directory of tron :

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Thanks & Regards 1
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to Disk2019 for this post:
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