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apk android analyzer security

Apk Analyzer
[Image: SUNfFSN2XJQmSwBrHrYszowN0ZeenIT9b8xQzI3M...WEfwYyXvTM]
[Image: FNxjyQ0XooGPGWV-g9mafQIiOXDVTVY6znZXiGIG...hZoVndhqrE][Image: g9M51C3czIgBTUnbln-aexFwTsu3s4EdOQw_j2bQ...mM2wdV5hVU]

Apk Analyer allows you to explore apps on your device. It provides detailed report not only about installed apps but also about not installed Apk files from storage.

Key features:
• View details of installed and not installed application packages.
Explore your applications. Apk Analyzer shows you details including target Android version, security certificate, used and defined permissions, application components, storage requirements, resources and much more.
• View AndroidManifest.xml file.
Decode main metadata file of Android app. Save readable Android Manifest to external storage.
• View statistics about installed apps.
Interested in statistics data of your app collection? Find out the average number of activities, permissions, or distribution of Android and certificate versions.
• Export application package to external storage.


App originality detection (Beta)
Improved stability


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