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password security

Password security
Password managers are important to me. Fundamentally, if you don't know your own passwords, how is someone else going to retrieve them when you dump your authentication?

Word documents, text files and using of the same password in multiple places is entirely non-secure. You may as well buy Zuckerberg some printed fridge magnets with your email accounts, bank details and social security number.

There are billions of pre-cracked and ready hashed passwords out there, so high entropy is your goal. But how is one supposed to know their 16-256 length extended ascii passwords? You're not, which brings me to KeePassXC; which is a FOSS and cross-platform password manager, and the only one I trust. I know there are more out there but I wouldn't trust 1Password, Lastpass and the likes, hence allocating one in particular.

KeePassXC comprises of:

AES (Rijndael) encrypted databases using a 256bit key
Compatible with KeePass password safe
Cross-platform, open source (FOSS) and works offline
Holds anything from passwords, to 2FA/MFA recovery keys
Supports custom URL icons
Supports YubiKey for authentication challenge-response
High *entropy* password creator
Automatic clearing of the clipboard and memory space after a password copy

Using a password manager with a strong master-key is how you should be rolling in 2020. A post-it note on your computer monitor does not cut it anymore, in fact it never did. But reverse-engineering tactics, spying and malware are only getting more sophisticated. Do yourself a favor, enhance your privacy by protecting your passwords.

* Entropy in this context means the strength of a password via information theory.
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