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win re v1 utility suite 1

Win RE Utility Suite v1.1
Win RE Utility Suite v1.1

[Image: AiOWares.png]

One Utility for all your Windows App reverse engineering needs. If any of the included tools have bugs please contact the creator of that individual tool. Sources are included.

-VCredist runtimes.
-.Net Frameworks.
-Python for Windows.

Change Log v1.1:
-Updated Notepad++ to v7.8.3.
-Updated Resource Hacker to v5.1.7.
-Updated AT4RE Patcher to v0.7.6 with included plugins.

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File: Win RE Utility Suite v1.1.7z
CRC-32: 88fdf2df
SHA-1: ddb2c76379cae85161fb3c652cfe3d8e2f697890
SHA-256: 3f7a9f1b55f46fa3178bdaa5b0d62b6de64e328b1a57d7544064d89187510781
SHA-512: 5dc0b35d68c9a530a71cd458610cbefdeb7238042122272589b1125cfe02617e46098b2b5b3c8d7e89746f1933cc0892179cea21c7e6952c83fffecf990cc851
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First post updated to v1.1.  See change log for details.  1
[Image: Cerberus2.jpg]
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