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usb you no free? for thank

USB for free? No thank you
Had you ever found a USB pendrive near you office or a guy on the street giving USB pendrives for free? If the answer is yes I hope you didn't took the USB pendrive, that's why. How most of you may know USB pendrives are known for being used by cybercriminals to spread virus over computers. If in the first case you found a USB pendrive, for example in the BAR where more of the employers go on the break, it can be a tentative to enter digitally in the company. In fact at the moment you connect the USB in a computer, the virus can start invading your company's infrastructure. In the case you are lucky the only computer infected would be the one to which you connected the USB pendrive. Can happen, in both cases, that the USB pendrive is instead a USB killer. Maybe you heard about that but I will shortly explain what it is. The USB killer is a USB that contains capacitors, that get the power of the USB port and after reaching a high voltage, the USB release all the power in the computer burning it. It can look the same as a normal USB thumbdrive. So if you care about your computer then don't pick a 10$ USB for free instead buy it cause nothing is free. Hope you like that post.
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I do like taking the usb's and then running them in a vm on a seperate vlan and see if it is a genuine usb or not. Funny enough more often than not it isn't.
Had a relative this past year unwitting plug a "USB Killer" flash drive look-a-like into his PC this past year.  The way they work is there's an capacitor that charges up and discharges back to the PC.  Fortunately in his case it only fried the lone USB port on his PC.
I remember once my friend telling me during the earlier floppy disk days, the usb drives were kinda new and he found a Transcend 2GB usb drive on the roadside. He being a novice picked it up and plugged it into his PC. What he found inside made him extremely delighted. It had some good ole fashioned p0rN it seems  4
The usbkiller mentioned above can be defended in MacBook
I've never heard of usbkiller before.
I'll try to be more careful with lost items.

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