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to it ransomware defeat how

Ransomware: How to defeat it
The Ransomware are malwares made by criminals that encrypts disks or files with a key, to obtain that key you have to pay an amount of money to the criminals. Here is the problem, most of the malwares around here don't get the keys for encrypt  from the attackers but they generate the key locally and hope that the fright you get and the timer they set will get you to pay to regain access to the files. In fact they say "Pay us within 6 hours or the key will be deleted", that is a way to make you pay instantly and don't think. One example of that is the WannaCry Ransomware, that infected about 300,000 computers. The people that paid the ransomware didn't get the key, that because the criminals hadn't the key. If you got a ransomware and you are not sure what ransomware is then upload two of your encrypted files on this site
and you will get, if is available, the decryptor to decrypt your encrypted files. Some ransomware don't have a solution, so the best option is to install a good antivirus and be careful when downloading from unknown sources over the internet.
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