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of ethical hacker or basic steps

Basic Steps of Hacker or Ethical Hacker
1. Scanning Open Ports , Misconfig in Web App etc etc

2. Checking Vulnerabilities via Vulnerabilities Scanner

3 . Gaining Access Exploiting Vulnerabilities

4. Maintaining Access via FUD Malware

5 . Clearning Tracks / Logs to be Anonymous.

The most Important thing is to Be Anonymous in all these Activities which itself is a crime according to Cyber Laws.
How to be Anonymous :

Pre Activitity before trying all of them is to change mac address / Identity of Network Interface Card first then apply any VPN or Proxy with socks5 .
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I would include some knowledge of hexadecimal values. It's a fundamental necessity in my opinion and where I would start, since your intercepting data you need to understand data.

You could start from 0-9:

0 = hex 30; 1 = hex 31, 2 = hex 32, and so forth.

Chars range from:

a = 61; A = 41; b = 62; B = 42.

I've also attached my rework of the PE header, if anyone wants to see the first segments of a portable executable.

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