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vso 1 by patch radixx11 product

VSO Product Patch 1.0 By Radixx11
VSO Product Patch 1.0 By Radixx11
This patch supersedes VSO Video Converters Patch/VSO Downloader 5.x Patch. It has been initially developed and tested with the following product versions:
Blu-ray Converter Ultimate
ConvertXtoVideo Ultimate
DVD Converter Ultimate
VSO Downloader 

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Actually, it's not a patch. it's a dll that has to be placed in the program's installation dir.
Its a better way then patching the exe file on every version.  The reverse engineer doesn't have to patch all products every time there is a new version.  Saves time for the reverse engineer.
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[-] The following 3 users say Thank You to Cerberus for this post:
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yeah, maybe. What I wonder with this kind of fixes, is how does the program know it has load this dll when running...

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