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keyscrambler qfx software

QFX Software Keyscrambler
How KeyScrambler Technology Works
Effective Protection
You see KeyScrambler encrypting live on your screen.
And you know that your typed information is safe from keylogging attacks.
Power at Your Fingertips.
What makes KeyScrambler so special for its users.

Encrypts everything you type in 60 browsers.
When you go online, KeyScrambler encrypts every one of your keystrokes in real time: your bank logins, credit card numbers, search terms, web forms, emails, etc. -- everything you type on a website or a browser app is shielded from keylogging attacks.
Security before your eyes.
The unobtrusive green overlay window lets you see each of your typed keys being encrypted, which takes the guesswork out of the process. You have the peace of mind knowing exactly how and when KeyScrambler is working.

Works even on malware-infected computers
If a keylogger has wormed into your computer and escaped detection, KeyScrambler will still work, and the keylogger will be recording only a meaningless jumble of characters.
Small footprint.
With a file size of ~1.5 MB, KeyScrambler doesn't slow down your computer, takes little resources to run, and requires no user effort.

Easy group deployment.
Installing KeyScrambler on multiple computers takes a minute and is as easy as on a single computer.
Easy user-controlled actions.
You can turn the program off and on easily by double-clicking the KeyScrambler icon in the Tray area. Right-clicking the Tray Icon will bring up the Mini-Menu, where you can select a few more quick actions.
Unique anti-keystroke-profiling
This new feature works by altering your keystroke rhythm to protect your privacy on websites that try to get your identity through your typing patterns.

Compatible with other security programs
KeyScrambler works seamlessly with most security suites and programs and authentication methods. It is an invaluable tool for strengthening your online information security.

Online support responds to your needs.
If an app that you're using regularly is not supported by the current version of the three KeyScrambler editions, you can email us to request it and we will add support in a later update version. Please check the lists of applications first.
Premium supports 300+ standalone apps and more.
Encrypts Windows Logons to protect your critical system.
If you're excited about KeyScrambler Personal, you'll be more so with KeyScrambler Premium. Besides the 60 browsers, the Premium edition also secures your keystrokes in each of the standalone apps in key areas: communication, password managers, online games and entertainment, business and finance, etc. It offers other advanced security features and protects your critical systems
What's New in KeyScrambler 3.12
KeyScrambler 3.12 is released on September 8, 2018 with the following changes:

Fixes a potential crash in the encryption driver (thanks to TrustWave for the discovery).
Temporarily disables Edge support due to a compatibility issue. A new way to support Edge will be coming soon.

The update has also added support for:

3 more Browsers: Avast Secure Browser, Basilisk Browser, Iridium Browser (All editions)
1 more Email and Messaging Program: WeChat for PC (Pro and Premium)
2 more Password Managers: LastPass Pocket, PWGen (Pro and Premium)
2 more Gaming Programs: Facebook Gameroom, Garena (Pro and Premium)
5 more Encryption Programs: EncryptStick, Keybase, MikroLock, SafeNet Authentication Client, WinAuth (Premium)
1 more Office Program: Turtl (Premium)
1 more Team Messaging Program: Zoom (Premium)
1 more Windows Feature: Microsoft Management Console (MMC) (Premium)

Download :
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Activation :
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