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18362 with 10015 tools win10 ver1909 latest custom edition x64 second build ver1903 arch pe aiowares 267

Aiowares Edition Win10 PE x64 Arch Ver1909
Update 1 :
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Checksum of Update Patch :
Filename : AIOWARES_Win10PE_x64_1909_Update1.exe
MD5 : F855DCB7601421308903999D828C620C
SHA1 : 7AEAE9822518EB7E56AEA283472E51EE9E6AFB45
CRC32 : 6B92C339
Created Time : 08-11-2019 111645
File Size : 52,627,182

Checksum of Newly Updated ISO :
Filename : AIOWARES_Win10PE_x64_1909_Update1.iso
MD5 : A210BE78851F724AC7C2D2AC154132C3
SHA1 : 6519FDF5EE0FCF42F51741A31A7581387788A394
CRC32 : C9F235BE
Created Time : 08-11-2019 11:08:01
File Size : 3,333,599,232
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@Disk2019 Do you need the wallpaper in another aspect ratio?
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brothr its working great on my side . if somebody else needs it i will deffinately do so .
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I downloaded the AIO image and made a bootable SSD. Nice, looking forward to the development of this.

I have an iso image of a similar tool disk.  Uploading it to mega now.  Thought the tools and usefulness of this image maybe helpful in the development of this image.  Just use rufus to create bootable drive.

Thank you,

PS this my first post, should i post the mega download in here?
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Mega is good.  Make sure to open your own thread so not to hijack Disk2019 thread.  Thanks for sharing your version.  Options are always nice.  1
[Image: Cerberus2.jpg]
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