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nightly released adguard v7

AdGuard v7 Nightly released
AdGuard Nightly v7.0.2243.5761

[Image: s3lLXyX.png]

Hi, today we prepared something special: the very first AdGuard for Windows nightly that features CoreLibs! In case you haven't heard about it, CoreLibs is a new filtering engine. With CL under the hood, AdGuard will provide better filtering quality and faster performance. Users of Android and Mac versions can confirm that already.

This is not the only change worth mentioning. It is impossible not to notice the completely new app design. We changed virtually everything, hopefully for the best. But in the end it is users who decide was the change successful or not, so let us know. Oh, and by the way, we added the dark theme! Finally, some rest for your eyes. Don't worry if you are not a fan — the more traditional light theme didn't go anywhere.

If during your testing anything goes wrong, as it happens routinely with nightlies, fret not: we added an automatic crash reporter. All you need to do is restart the app and agree to send the automatically created report, it will already contain all the technical information our specialists need to fix the problem.

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dll so u can trial reset https://gofile.io/?c=6zpWYQ

1 kill both adguard exe and AdguardSvc exe
2 remove C:\ProgramData Adguardfolder and the fontcacheev1 dat file
3 copy and replace the dll in to >>>> C:\Program Files (x86)\Adguard

host block api.adguard.com api-b.adguard.com injections.adguard.com sb.adtidy.org api-c.adguard.com ip.api.rec.adguard.com

if need and then open adguard and update your filters

vido of me trial rest a older version

but i no the trick u do The Undertaker but i do trial reset and i can do for all versions

plus hello guys and girls
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