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coder help solved needed reverser

[solved] Coder / reverser help needed
If you have installed a version of Stepok Recomposit Pro and uninstalling it with Revo Uninstaller before you install a newer version after reboot you get anyway 

[Image: YwJkHBv.jpg]

what means, that the old key was not removed. You can use a new key but the not removed old key can cause problems if you want to install some Franzis software. I try to find out where the key could be stored without any success. Thats why I installed Stepok Recomposit Pro in a clean Win 7 x64 VM and took a first snapshot with Systracer Pro after installing and before activation. Than I used this key LXIAA-ICGLX-JI6HB-7AXJC-NCOPR and took another snapshot direct after activation. The differences are exported to this PDF

any chance for a key cleaner or hint what and where must be deleted? 


Another test has shown that it does not matter if you use Revo Uninstaller or Total Uninstaller to remove the old version, the result is the same in both cases. Only if you first installed an old version monitored with Total Uninstaller  and then uninstall it then you can install the new version without the key error.
I will check it and reply if got anything new about changes in system files or registry 1
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