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Data recovery - Bl4ckCyb3rEnigm4 - 11-13-2019

I guess that at least one time in your life you deleted a important file. This happened also to me so I will explain how to recover your lost data. The most important thing is to avoid writing new data to the disk, because it can overwrite your deleted file. Don't worry the file is still there but you can't see it cause the file entry on the partition table is flagged as deleted. If the file you deleted is located on your system disk shutdown and stop using the computer. Then get from another pc, create a bootable usb and boot from it on the computer(where you deleted the file) and execute from the Start > Recovery and choose one of the recovery software(I suggest you to start with RStudio). If the file deleted resided on an non system disk then you can install any recovery software and try to recover it, but if the disk have a big size then I suggest you to create anyway the bootable usb so you will have a faster scan. After the scan you will get all the files recoverable from the disk. If after the file was deleted you kept working on the disk the chances to get the file back are less.