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After having tested many Filesharings, here is my recommended selection of 8 Free Filehostings for
(No registration required, No waiting time, No advertising, Fast downloads, etc...)

[Image: Y68OQgB.png]


My goal is to to provide a list of Free Filehosting: 100% free and of course with NO spamming, advertising, registration, solicitation, download delay, profanity or otherwise...
This includes and is not limited to links via cash sites (including rewards for downloads), affiliate marketing, and links requiring a premium/ paid account to access.

And from there to provoke an exchange of experience, to receive suggestions, other URLs, etc..  1

Selection of Free Filehosting on: 2020/07/06
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Meanwhile has removed "DataFileHost" from their service.
I've have replace it by "DownloadGG" (Until 2GB by file - Unlimited retention).

The first post is updated. [Image: default_welcome.gif]